Wherein I get food smeared on my phone case.

I tried cooking with meatless ground & it was pretty tasty! I made stuffed shells and we ate them for days.

New favorite salad: avocado & strawberries on top of spinach with a lime & cilantro dressing. So ridiculously good. I need to make this a few more times before I can’t get my paws on strawberries.

This toasted marshmallow milkshake is probably the best thing I made all summer. A campfire in a glass. I want another one. Right now. (p.s. I left out the vanillia extract, it didn’t need it)

We didn’t cookout nearly enough this summer, but when we did we made it count. This is a tiny fraction of the meal we had a few weeks ago (Thanks for letting us use your deck, Emily!)

Daytime dates are pretty great, especially when they end with a dessert like this.


Burrito fixin’s


Is there a better snack in the whole wide world than raspberries & dark chocolate?


Jonathan has been pretty obsessed with the idea of bacon & guacamole grilled cheese sandwiches ever since we was the idea on tastespotting. It was intense.


Froyo date with my mom.


Mom & I made these cake mix rolo bars for our Labor Day picnic. They were crazy good. Even the non-dessert-eaters in the family had two.


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