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Ice cream and mini golf at Kerber’s Dairy with my mom

The hands-down number one thing I miss from cutting out meat is buffalo chicken. Wings, chicken strips, whatever.  I am working on finding replacements, and luckily, all I’m really looking for is SOMETHING covered in buffalo sauce and ranch. One night I made this huge plate of oven baked fries and it really did hit the spot.

Firefly festival had great food.  I enjoyed a Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey and a ginormous cookie ice cream sandwich before Young the Giant

This girl at Firefly was dressed as a taco. No big deal.

I made a veg-ception for Chicken and Waffles and I did not regret it.

A great thing to do is sit on a couch and eat brownies while you are watching world athletes at the height of physical perfection compete. (Emily made these s’mores brownies).


I made this zucchini bread. It was awesome.

These tofu tacos from mad mex convinced me that I need to get over my fear of messing up tofu and try again with some new cooking methods.

Look forward to seeing some posts related to my new cookbooks in the near future.

The Dark & Stormy cocktail is DELICIOUS

Jonathan made bruschetta-stuffed mushroom caps on the grill.  I’ve never had grilled portobellos before and they were awesome!

I made Peanut Butter Snickers Brownies.

This cheesy-garlic sauce is fabulous on veggie pizzas. Pictured: mozzarella cheese, sun dried tomatoes, red onions & spinach on a homemade whole wheat crust.


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