Brunch on a summer no-reason day-off is the greatest


If you invite me to a party, expect me to bring these


I love gauc so much sometimes I forget how great pico de gallo is


A pineapple mojito & blackberry margartia at Circa after a long day in the DC heat


I had an extremely American lunch in the congressional office building cafeteria on my visit to DC.


Good eats in Chinatown, DC

This is the season I learned to embrace squash. I have made these charred corn and zucchini tacos (and nachos) a few times now, and they are A+. Throw in a red bell pepper, top with guac. Trust me.

Fabulous lunch at NoodeCat on my quick anniversary trip to Cleveland.


We had Manhattans and literally the best meal of my  life at the Greenhouse Tavern


Start more days eating a giant cupcake in bed. You won’t regret it. (Banana Walnut from Colossal Cupcakes!)


You know I’m not messing around when I break out the patriotic sprinkles

Dark chocolate covered pretzel rods for the 4th of July. Because I was sooo not turning on my office.

Took advantage of a free morning on the 4th to make naan. God bless America. And whoever invented naan.



If you forced me to pick my favorite dessert, I just might say berry cobbler



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