Working on a pasta sald with tomatoes, zucchini, lemon juice & herbed goat cheese. At 10 pm.

My usual default breakfast smoothie is peanutbutter, banana & almond milk. But on special ocassions, I add nutella.

bithday snacks!


My friend Ashley made this fruit tart for a cook out we had. It was delightful. And so was the dinosaur pinata she brought


I used left over mole I had stashed in the fridge to make grilled chicken & avacado tacos


If you  live anywhere near Dormont and haven’t been to the Sugar Cafe, you are truly missing out. Pictured: veggie club & fresh fruit and espresso creme brulee. FANTASTIC.


This iced coffee is my summer staple. I do half of the coffee-concentrate, and half vanilla almond milk. OH MY.


Even though I live in an apartment, I manged to do a little container garden of herbs. They are doing well so far and I am loving having herbs on demand.


Speaking of which: infusing water with lemons & fresh mint is fabulous. I will do this all summer long.





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  1. And now I want nutella, ice cream and berries. Delicious looking photos!

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