The usual


Why do I always discover seasonal beers at the end of their season? Blue Moon’s spring blonde wheat ale was delightful. At least I can still take advantage of Sam Adam’s Cherry Wheat


I caved and bought a doughnut baking pan. Cuz sprinkles are fun.


mac and cheese

I know this picture is nothing to write home about, but please don’t let that fool you. Avocado mac and cheese may be one of the most delicious things I have ever consumed.



Baking like crazy means lightly flouring ALL OF THE SURFACES


a tale of two pies

Chocolate peanut butter pudding pie with a graham cracker crust, & coconut cream pie (made with skim milk! who knew!? Although I did not strain the coconut out as directed, because that’s just crazy talk). DELICIOUS.


Filling for my chocolate cream pie. As I explained on instagram: while I’m making pie, I think to myself “My lord, no wonder I never make pie. This takes forever!” and when I eat pie, I think, “Now I remember why all that effort is worth it.”


Tips for wonderful nachos at home: 1) Get good at making refried black beans. It’s easy as hell 2) Throw your platter of chips, cheese, and beans under the broiler for a few minutes to dial up the crispiness and the melty-ness. Microwave does not cut it, bro. 3). GUAC. AND THE MORE GUAC.


Super easy quick dinner or snack: slice up a zucchini. Combine and egg white and some milk in one bowl, some panko, red pepper flakes & basil in another. Coat your zucchini bits in the egg wash, then the panko. Bake for about 20 minutes at 400. Serve with some tomato sauce for dipping.


We welcomed grilling season by making – what else? – fajitas! (I think fajitas have been in every single one of my instagram round ups. I may need help.). Grilled tortillas brushed with a bit of olive oil & Mexican chili powder sealed the deal.


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