I facilitate a class once a week at the nonprofit where I work, and we all eat dinner together. I brought cookies.

Also, my coworkers had a potluck for lunch THE SAME DAY so I brought these. (& this). Let’s just say I ate well that day.

You guys, sweet tea mojitos. If I had a porch, I’d be on it sipping these all summer.

I really can’t get enough of this pasta sauce.  I think making pasta will be an upcoming project.

We do this thing now where we buy a bunch of really small chunks of different types of cheese & have a tasting party. It’s awesome.

More from my naan making

I made sort of a ridiculous amount of fried rice. AND I ATE IT ALL.

His & her ice cream cones

I finally made my second tray of veggie enchiladas & I’m probably going to make more for the freezer this week.


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Nerd. Dog Snuggler. Intrepid Social Worker. Lover of Delicious Things.

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