The last few weeks in food related adventures, as documented by my iPhone


We turned in early on Saturday night, so we had Saturday night on Sunday instead. Making wing sauce while dancing in the kitchen. slurp.


Let’s talk about green smoothies.  I, too, was skeptical. I was wrong. These are magical. Add some greens into your already delicious smoothie for an extra kick of vitamins & other good stuff, and you don’t even taste it. AND IT’S GREEN. How can that go wrong?

My recipe (I’m sure you can sub any flavored yogurt & juice you like, but this is what I have on hand/like): 1 cup blueberry nonfat yogurt + 1 cup passionfruit mango juice + 1 banana, cut up + 1 kiwi, cut up + 1-2 handfuls of fresh baby spinach. BLEND. ENJOY LIFE.

Makes probably 2 servings, but let’s be for real: i drink this whole thing. (This baby has like 10 grams of protein, great for a post-workout breakfast.)


Speaking of green things: I’m pretty sure guacamole is the best thing ever invented. Thanks for that, Aztecs.



My friend Alicia was visiting from California and we went to Il Pizzaiolo, which I’ve been wanting to try since moving to this town over a year ago. It did not disappoint.


Unseasonably warm temps = sitting outside & eating ice cream (I know, I know, after I was just bragging about my healthy smoothie. Cut a girl some slack)





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