Here’s a peek at some of the goings on in my kitchen for the last few weeks, via  instagram

Valentine’s Day = cooking stir fry & drinking champagne. Yes, please.

Got my first issue of Food Network magazine at just the right time. Hoping to make the mole in here soon, & some of the brownies. & um, a million other things because this is the CHOCOLATE ISSUE.

I am back on the smoothie bandwagon for breakfast & it makes me happy. My typical recipe is 1 cup yogurt, 1 cup fruit, 1 cup liquid (either skim milk or juice). This was frozen berries + apple juice + vanilla nonfat yogurt. Another favorite is Trader Joe’s banana vanilla yogurt + bananas + peanut butter. OH MY. What do you put in your smoothie?

Take a pizza crust. Slather it with pesto, top with fontinella & mozzarella cheese & roasted peppers. Enjoy life.


About Ginny

Nerd. Dog Snuggler. Intrepid Social Worker. Lover of Delicious Things.

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  1. Snapshooter says:

    Like how you’ve captured such seemingly pointless things (no offense, I’m sure your kitchen is quite interesting…) and turned them into art. 🙂

  2. […] know I was just extolling the virtues of fresh fruit smoothies for breakfast, but let’s be real: sometimes […]

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